Franco Dibartolomeo

Driven by a passion to challenge the status quo, Franco strongly believes there is an opportunity to develop category changing projects built with style, design innovation to an affordable price.

Quality property developments are in Franco Di Bartolomeo’s blood. With an engineering background, Franco perfected his talent and knowledge on high residential, commercial and industrial projects at Connell Wagner in the 1980’s. In 1996 he created Mdev, and concentrated on residential developments, moving into commercial long-term investment property.

Today Mdev has evolved into Dibcorp with a mission to develop residential, boutique properties. With a desire to create unique, outside the square projects, Franco is driven to build affordable developments that are beyond the vision of the ‘everyday’ property developer. To help him realise his goals, he has put together a key team of like-minded, driven by professionals.

Joseph Lioi

Joseph is an integral part of the tight knit, high performance group that is responsible for Dibcorp’s success.

After spending 5 years as a draftsman at DEB & Associates Hydraulic Engineers, Joseph moved to Mdev as a Project Manager. His meticulous eye has overseen the successful completion of more than $200 million worth of projects.

Joseph’s expertise is in looking after ‘the detail’, with unsurpassed experience in site acquisitions, applications, documentation and supervision. His keen design sense is shaping Dibcorp’s new projects and a dynamic future.

Joseph has worked with Franco for a number of years and shares his vision for excellence and innovation.

Leesa Daniell

Coming from a legal office and real estate background, Leesa is another lynchpin in Dibcorp’s tight management group.

Her Bachelor of Business majoring in Real Estate and Property Development perfectly places Leesa to handle the day-to-day interactions with key stakeholders, consultants, joint venture partners, property managers, solicitors and the host of other major players.

Her talents as a true ‘people person’ give Leesa the skills to oversee the day-to-day operations of the business. As Business Manager, Leesa is instrumental to the implementation of Dibcorp’s future strategy. Working closely with Franco and Joe, she helps keep the vision of excellence and invocation on track.

Graham Ramage

With a career in the construction industry spanning 40 years, fuelled by enthusiasm and commitment for all things building, Graham has established a reputation for always delivering on promise.

Graham is experienced in many projects from individual houses to large commercial and residential buildings, including many medium-rise and high-rise apartment developments. He has developed a vast array of building knowledge as well as strong people and leadership skills.

Graham brings to the table experience, unshakable determination and impeccable building credentials enabling him to support the rest of the team in their collective endeavours.

Tina Lenac

Tina is a registered Real Estate agent with 10 years’ experience in Property Management. She has a proactive approach to looking after investment properties and believes communication is the key to successful management.

Tina has a strong grasp of the property market which she has obtained from working for several years within the inner city precinct. Educating landlords and tenants as changes arise in the property industry is important to Tina, and she strives to address all issues in an accurate and efficient manner.

With her positive attitude and strong customer service focus, she ensures that both landlords and tenants alike are serviced to the highest standard. Being a landlord herself, Tina can relate to the needs and expectations from her clients.